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Formed in 2014 and hailing from the bleak, industrial, abandoned factory city of Dayton Ohio in the Midwest of The USA, Hexadiode delivers a creative burst of energy amongst the drab landscape from which they were born. A hardware only Electro-Industrial dance act that dabbles in Art Damage experimental tendencies, Hexadiode are committed to producing an old school EBM dynamic with a forward thinking, 21st century approach. Members Tim Krug and Jonas Miseh create tracks that are melodically infectious and rich in hooks, while still staying true to the artistic and experimental edges that keep the genre of dark electronica moving forward. Hexadiode is influenced by acts such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and NIN, as well as enigmatic, cross genre electronic acts such as Liars, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin.
Upcoming Shows:
JUL 20 2018 @ NSYC (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Black Signal / Flocks
JUL 21 2018 @ Blind Bob's (Dayton, OH) w/ Black Signal / 6th Circle
JUL 22 2018 @ Cafe Bourbon St (Columbus, OH) w/ Red Pyramid / Death by Love
AUG 03 2018 @ The Summit (Columbus, OH) w/ Textbeak / Searmanas
AUG 04 2018 @ CXB7 x DPHOP RADIO FEST (Cleveland, OH) w/ Textbeak / Abstinence / Red Pyramid / Golden Streets of Paradise / Searmanas / ++
SEP 02 @ Haven (Indianapolis, IN)

Past Shows:
MAY 14 2014 @ Kaleidoscope / 91.3FM WYSO
MAY 17 2014 @ Canal Public House (Dayton, OH) w/ Lab Partners / Ohio Knife
JUN 27 2014 @ The Comet (Cincinnati, OH) w/ The Jerk / Sub X
JUL 12 2014 @ Canal Public House (Dayton, OH) w/ New Regrets / Playfully Yours / The Takeover Project
JUL 27 2014 @ Motr Pub (Cincinnati, OH) w/ 8Fold
SEP 20 2014 @ Blind Bob’s (Dayton, OH) w/ My Latex Brain / Curse of Cassandra
FEB 07 2015 @ Blind Bob’s (Dayton, OH) w/ Gosh Pith / Ossicles / Jonathan Hape
APR 17 2015 @ Therapy Cafe (Dayton, OH) w/ Dark Machine Nation / Freakshow Deluxe
JUN 20 2015 @ Blind Bob’s (Dayton, OH) w/ Skeleton Hands / Where The Nameless Dwell, The Nuckles
NOV 14 2015 @ Dayton Music Pest III (Dayton, OH)
SEP 21 2016 @ Kaleidoscope / 91.3 FM WYSO
SEP 24 2016 @ Cloverdale (Dayton, OH) w/ My Latex Brain, Dark Backward
OCT 05 2016 @ Southgate House Revival (Newport, KY) w/ Assemblage 23, Relic, Jess Lamb & the Factory, Dark Machine Nation
OCT 28 2016 @ Cloverdale (Dayton, OH) w/ Relic, Dark Machine Nation
NOV 25 2016 @ Blind Bob's (Dayton, OH) w/ Back Stabbath
JAN 27 2017 @ Blind Bob's (Dayton, OH) w/ Moira / Mungbean / Fluffer
FEB 24 2017 @ Bluegrass Batcave (Lexington, KY) RITUAL XXIV w/ Through / The Mayor
MAR 11 2017 @ Northside Yacht Club (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Skeleton Hands / Relic
APR 22 2017 @ Omega Music (Dayton, OH) RECORD STORE DAY in-store performance
MAY 04 2017 @ The Summit (Columbus, OH) w/ Architect / Funerals / Textbeak / BentWithLight
MAY 06 2017 @ Ladder 11 (Dayton, OH) w/ Quemada / Maharaja / Swarm
JUL 28 2017 @ Blind Bob's (Dayton, OH) w/ Abertooth Lincoln
AUG 11 2017 @ DF Venue (Fairfield, OH) w/ PIG / Julien-K / Ghostfeeder
NOV 24 2017 @ Blind Bob's (Dayton, OH) w/ Back Stabbath / Maharaja / Big Lightning
MAY 11 2018 @ Reggie's (Chicago, IL) w/ Grendel / Ghostfeeder / Peter Turns Pirate / Scary Lady Sarah


01 Contamination (Contaminated Version)
02 Hexon Shift (Xavier Swafford Remix)
03 Computronium (Blac Kolor Remix)
04 Turn to Zero (Relic Remix)
05 Breaking it Whole (Wiccid Remix)
06 Turn to Zero (Anonymix)
07 Hexon Shift (Contaminated Version)

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01 Synchrocidal
02 Turn To Zero
03 Breaking It Whole
04 Subatomic
05 Inversion
06 Contamination
07 Hexon Shift
08 Delta Film
09 Rive
10 Computronium
11 Synchrocidal (Protectorate Remix)*
12 Breaking It Whole (Textbeak Remix)*
* CD/Digital Only

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Also appearing on:

Heærts Combine
Immortal (Hexadiode Remix)
white as chalk
White As Chalk (Hexadiode Remix)
halo effect remix
Skyline (Hexadiode Remix)
Hivemind (Hexadiode Remix)

Press / Reviews


Brutal Resonance (01/04/17)

..."# 21 HEXADIODE - 'IBEX'
Hexadiode is just one of those bands that seemingly came out of nowhere and took the scene by storm. They released 'Ibex' to great reception and have been busy making remix after remix after remix ever since. If you've ever heard their music you would understand why."

Top 10 2016

Electraumatisme (01/04/17)

Mircalla - Close eye visual
Noire Antidote - Relieved Distressed
The Psychic Force - Neurotic (relapse)
Arian 1 - Pure Control
Hexadiode - Synchrocidal (Protectorate Remix)
Brandy Kills - Before the War
The Juggernauts - Religion (V.2K16)
Hante. - In Cold Water
The Blood Of Others - We will shine (feat. Boris MAY)
Invoke The Insult - With me
Youth Code - Doghead
Dead When I Found Her - Braille


RATYHTL (01/07/17)

Army of God – Go Fight
Blue Rooms – Synesect
Bravery (Solitary Experiments Remix) – Assemblage 23
Brother – Ari Mason
Censorshit (Faderhed Remix) [Explicit] – Nitro/Noise
Cult of Fake – Angelspit
Everything – Psychic Teens
Found in Filth – Pig
Honey – KANGA
Instinct of Ego – Koban
Nemesis – Shriekback
Piggy – Pretty Addicted
Pride – Lie
Prune That Dirty Staman – Vampyr Anvil
Schism – Reactor7x
Spectral Inverter – Izoloscope
Synchronized Stigma – Rave the Reqviem
Tantrum – Dead When I Found Her
The Dust of Fallen Rome – Youth Code
The Revolution (Will Not By Synthesized) [Benjamin’s Plague Remix] – RIOTLEGION
Turn To Zero – Hexadiode
Vices [Explicit] – The Sweetest Condition
Wait Now – In Letter Form
Wasted Memories – N3ova
What Remains – SOLVE
I Don’t Get Anything but Shit from You [Explicit] – Rein

Best of 2016

Ghettoblaster (12/15/16)


Here are my top 26 favorite records of the year:

1) Sculpture Club, A Place To Stand
2) Hard Left, “Strike For America” 7″
3) Touche Amore, Stage Four
4) Pup, The Dream Is Over…
5) Afghan Whigs, Black Love (Reissue)
6) Beach Slang, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
7) Brat Curse “Control” 7″
8) Move Home, Spare Nothing EP
9) White Lung, Paradise
10) The Raging Nathans/Wonk Unit split 7″
11) The Hotelier, Goodness
12) Hunny, Pain/Ache/Loving EP
13) Against Me!, Shape Shift With Me
14) Vis A Vis, Hic Svnt Dracones
15) Hexadiode, Ibex
16) 20XX, Fabulous Terrible World
17) Male Gaze, King Leer
18) Abiyah and Eugenius, “Blup” single
19) Jimmy Eat World, Integrity Blues
20) Soft Kill, Choke
21) From Indian Lakes, Everything Feels Better Now
22) Cheap Girls, God’s Ex Wife
23) Signals Midwest, At This Age
24) Body Stuff, Body Stuff 2
25) Dolfish, Foreclosure American Dreams
26) EYE, Vision and the Ageless Light

Best of 2016

Body to Body @ WXNA (01/04/17)

Here's the playlist from this week's special "Best of 2016" show. It was a great year for music, and truth be told I could have done a four hour show and still had music to spare. There was so much! Thanks for listening everyone.

Nine Inch Nails - "The Idea of You"
Street Sects - "Low Control"
Perturbator - "Weapons for Children"
High-Functioning Flesh - "Human Remains"
KANGA - "Honey"
Dead When I Found Her - "Braille"
The Rain Within - "Innocent"
SARIN - "Aim-54 C"
Gost - "Arise (feat. Kriistal Ann)"
Protectorate - "Exile"
Pure Ground - "Still"
Zex Model - "Dead City Central"
Becoming The Devourer - "our hero sets flight"
Crystal Castles - "Char"
Boy Harsher - "Suitor"
Julian Winding - "Demon Dance"
Wreck and Reference - "Powders"
Soft Kill - "Whirl"
ROME (Jerome Reuter) - "Cities of Asylum"
John Carpenter - "Persia Rising"
HEXADIODE - "Inversion"
Spit Mask - "Chokechain"
Blaqk Audio - "First to Love"
Body of Light - "Holding You"
Codex Empire - "Three Points of Light"
Cygnets - "Icons"
YOUTH CODE - "Doghead"
3teeth - "Degrade"
Schwefelgelb - "Bis Zum Nachsten Tag"
S U R V I V E - "Wardenclyffe"
SØLVE - "For Worse"
Ari Mason - "Beasts Tonight"

Best of Selection 2016

Sampler & Sans Reproches

SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES (Radio broadcast)
Playlist N° 1043...
Lundi 02 Janvier 2017 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00

[ S&SR Music Non-Stop... BEST OF 2016 ]

01. DAGEIST "Vampire (Bloody Mix)" MCD: Vampire (Danse Macabre / New Gold Dreams)
02. REIN "Can't Handle Me" DIG EP: Rein EP (Cold School)
03. ADVANCED ART "From Nothing To Nothingt" DCD: Archive (EK Product)
04. SHINY DARKNESS "Dirty Morning" CD: Season 4 (Foundry Records)
05. OLDSCHOOL UNION "Perjantai" CD: Perjantai (EK Product)
06. JUNIOR BOYS "M & P" CD: Big Black Coat (City Slang)
07. CELLDÖD "Allting Faller" CD: Mekaniskt Gransland (Suction Records)
08. POWERPOLITICS "Daemonen" DIG LP: The Indistinction Field (Autoproduction)
09. DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER "You Know What You Are (MINISTRY cover)" DCD: All The Way Down (Artoffact Records)
10. METAL DISCO "kamikaze Baby" TAPE: Fetish Club Anthems (Werkstatt Recordings)
11. NOISUF-X "Fuck It!" DCD: #Kicksome[b]ass (Pro Noize / X-Beats)
12. FULL CONTACT69 "Blaster" CD: (Wo)man Machine - V.2015 (Razgrom Music)
13. ORANGE SECTOR "Im Stahlwerk (Clubstahl Mix)" MCD: Stahlwerk EP (Infacted Recordings)
14. GRAUSAME TÖCHTER "Sisyphos Will Vögeln" CD: Vagina Dentata (Scanner)
15. BAK XIII "Swiss Ideal" Aut Caesar Aut Nihil (Tenacity Music / Urgence Disk Records)
16. GOOSE "Where Are We Now" CD: What You Need (Safari Records / Universal Music Belgium)
17. DUBMOOD "Att Bygga En Robot (feat. Maskinpop)" VINYL LP: Force De Frappe (Data Airlines)
18. FINKSEYE "Deadweight" CD: Deadweight (Razgrom Music)
19. DI*OVE "DI*And" DIG LP: DI*vided (Autoproduction)
20. ELM "Kampftrinker" CD: Hardline (Alfa Matrix)
21. AMNISTIA "Money" DCD: Dawn (Scanner / Pro Noize)
22. FULL CONTACT69 "Fuck Off" CD: Zombie Machine (Razgrom Music)
23. AUTOGEN "Bombo" CD: Antigen (Audiotrauma)
24. MESH "Runway" CD: Looking Skyward (Dependent Records)
25. INVOKE THE INSULT "Unever Terms" CD: You Can Trust (EK Product)
26. PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE "Push and Punish (Vinyl Mix)" LP+CD: Push And Punish (Alfa Matrix)
27. MACHINE ROX "Not Your Slave" CD: Shout (Static Distortion Records)
28. WE THE NORTH "Endemic (I,Parasite Remix)" CD: Endemic (Space Race Records)
29. IAMX "North Star (Future Funk Squad Remix)" DCD: Everything Is Burning (Metanoia Addendum) .. (IAMX Productions / Orphic)
30. HEXADIODE "Computronium" CD: Ibex (EK Poduct)
31. COVENANT "Morning Star" CD: The Blinding Dark (Dependent Records)
32. TWINS "Running Out" VYNIL LP: Rather Not (Enfant Terrible)
33. SIGNAL~BRUIT "Prométhée" CD: Planisphère(s) .. (Meshwork Music)
34. DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER "High Anxiety" CD: Eyes On Backward (Artoffact Records)
35. FRANCK KARTELL "Illusion du Hasard" VINYL DLP: Coïncidences (Bass Agenda Recordings)
36. ORANGE SECTOR "Farben (Club89Mix)" MCD: Farben EP (Infacted Recordings)
37. THE INVICIBLE SPIRIT "Dark Eye" CD: Anyway (Invicible Spirit Media)

Sonic Booms of Industry

Dayton City Paper (09/20/16)

There’s something oddly appropriate about a musical act coming from the Gem City that makes electro-industrial music. Think about it: the harsh, loud, clanging, buzzing sounds of soulless machines making stamping and stomping sounds at a steady, unwavering rhythm used to be a familiar noise coming from all the factories and plants that once populated our fabled city. Likewise, this style of music also shares many attributes with the atmosphere of the birthplace of aviation: an ambiance of bleakness, coldness, and bitterness akin to a Dayton winter comes to mind. With all this in mind, it’s actually rather surprising more music of this nature isn’t being produced in the Gem City. But one of the few artists exploring the realms of electronic and industrial music in our little Midwestern town is Hexadiode.

Hexadiode was hatched by Dayton music scene veterans Jonas Miseh and Tim Krug in 2014 while the two were playing together in the reconstituted edition of Dementia Praecox.

“Jonas had been writing some new songs for the band, and it just felt kind of odd to be presenting the new material under the flag of Dementia Praecox,” Krug says. “The more we worked on the songs, the more they seemed to take on a new identity, and Hexadiode was born.”

The songs they began working on became an unsettling mix of whirring and beeping electronic blips, eerie synths, and marching, kling-klang rhythms, hard yet danceable, which are both a tribute to and a continuation of some of their musical inspirations and beyond.

They are influenced by what Krug calls “a lot of the classic industrial bands, and more experimental electronic artists. Bands like Skinny Puppy, Liars, Nine Inch Nails, Nitzer Ebb, Aphex Twin, Front 242, Autechre, and the like.”

Krug and Miseh began recording in Dayton when they suddenly found themselves in talks with Italian electro label EK Product about releasing Hexadiode’s recordings.

“We had been recording and Jonas kept putting our rough mixes up on SoundCloud,” Krug says. “Somehow, Amedeo over at EK Product found us through those tracks. He wrote us in December, and after talking, ended up offering us a contract for two CDs to [be] released in Europe. We’re still looking for a label in the states, but for now, we’re self-releasing the vinyl version of Ibex.”

Hexadiode’s Ibex is a compelling collection of tracks that don’t merely rely on cold, harsh electronic aesthetics. Most of the tracks are fully fleshed out songs with structure and surprising melodies, which can be quite catchy to the well-tuned ear. The mostly monotone, barked vocals of Miseh harken back to the classic industrial music of the 1980s that the duo loves so much, and is a great thrill for fans of that genre’s apex years. Despite this attribute and utilizing a lot of vintage keyboards and electronics to create the music, Ibex doesn’t sound dated; it’s a powerful listen.

“Underneath, we think there are still some catchy earworms and solid beats if you like to dance or sing along,” Krug says.

And, despite the album’s recent release in June exclusively in Europe and online elsewhere, Ibex has already been garnering rave reviews.

“So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Krug says. “We’ve gotten some pretty nice write-ups in the U.S., Germany, and Ireland. Also, we’ve been getting some regular airplay in places like Brazil, Australia, Boston, Nashville, plus a lot of internet radio.”

So, some of you may be wondering if and how Hexadiode is able to recreate these otherworldly sounds and songs in a live setting, but, shockingly, their live presentation sticks closely to their sound on wax – with a deeper, more immediate effect on your ears and psyche.

“We perform everything with hardware – no laptops, just drum machine, sequencer, sampler, a few synths, a lot of effects, and a mess of patch and midi cables,” Krug explains. “We’re not just letting the machines do all the work for us. I’m able to sample and loop and mangle Jonas’ vocals live. We can tweak any sound you hear on the fly. We try to keep it interesting, and every time we play a song it’s going to be a little different. Also, we bring four or five amps, so there’s still a stage volume of a full band – the sense of space and depth you get sonically from having different speakers across the stage for the different instruments.”

As for the future, Hexadiode is going to try to capitalize on their European connections and newfound success, even if it’s just a step at a time.

“We are going to try to tour as much as we can,” Krug explains. “We have some things in the works regionally, and maybe once we get our passports sorted out, we can get over to Europe sometime next year. Meanwhile, we’re just going to keep trying to move forward – write more material and try to get out in front of as many people we can.”

Album of the Month

Brutal Resonance (08/06/16)

Upon listening to HEXADIODE's Ibex, any old-school industrial enthusiast would immediately recognize the influence Skinny Puppy holds over this duo based in Dayton, Ohio. They do list the legendary electro-industrial act as an influence as well as Front 242, NIN, and Nitzer Ebb. Then again I don't think there are many musicians in the industrial scene who aren't influenced by these acts in one way or another. Needless to say, members Tim Krug and Jonas Miseh are using the bleak background of their city to create Electro-Industrial Hardware Warfare. If they don't use that as a tag on one of their future records, I'm going to be disappointed because I was quite proud of myself for creating that phrase in a matter of two seconds.

Anyway Ibex is their debut album out on EK Product and spans twelve tracks with two of those being remixes from Protectorate and Textbeak. Right off the bat with Synchrocidal any person who has a love for boots, stompy EBM, and well executed electronic programming will fall in love with HEXADIODE. It's not overproduced, it's not shoddy quality; it's a beautiful mixture of both. There's a little old-school quality while maintaining modern production values and keeps everything neat and clean.

The lyrics are aggressive, sometimes growling, sometimes softer, but they never hold back anything that HEXADIODE has to say. 'Turn to Zero' is a real industrial anthem and will really put you into an industrial factory setting. Now, once you settle into the album and get your jaw off the floor, a bunch of the songs such as 'Breaking It Whole', 'Contamination', 'Hexon Shift', 'Rive', and 'Computronium' will continue to bring you back to an era of old-school industrial that has long since passed but lives on thanks to guys such as HEXADIODE.

'Subatomic' is a very stripped down song in comparison to the others with less layers and effects, while 'Inversion' is the one and only track on the album that's softer and much more harmonic than the rest. It comes as quite a shock, but is a welcome two and a half minute breather track. The oddest song on the album is 'Delta Film' which takes queues from dark ambient music. Just imagine what a haunted eight track would sound like with whispers from HEXADIODE and the sounds of flies whirring in the air spewing out of it, and you have what 'Delta Film' essentially sounds like.

Protectorate's remix of 'Synchrocidal' kept the overall mood of the original album's theme of keeping it old school. They made the song louder and synth heavier, both of which were welcome additions. Textbeak's remix of 'Breaking it Whole' made the track speedier, input some more bass here and there, and put an emphasis on drum'n'bass throughout the duration of the remix. Both excellent remixers on an already excellent album.

A lot of people like to claim that the industrial scene clings onto the past too much and never likes to move forward. I say fuck those people because taking influence from the past is what makes the future better than ever. HEXADIODE is a pure example of that and Ibex is amazing. This is definitely a record I'm gonna want on my shelf.

Tracks of the Month (August 2016)

A Model of Control (09/06/16)

Another stellar album from the EK label in Italy that brought us the astonishing Cardinal Noire album last year (2015: Albums), and this is nearly as impressive. A very different sound, though – a modern take on nineties electro-industrial for the dancefloor. This is the opening track to the album, and it takes off like an electronic whirlwind, before settling into a melodic, bass-heavy chorus (that bass drone on the chorus is fantastic) and thumping, DJ-friendly rhythm. There is something of early :wumpscut: to the sound, not to mention some noisy electronics from the Ant-Zen stable elbowing their way in at points, too. An impressive debut.

Hexadiode machen Disco For The Discontented – so klingt´s!

Klangwelt (07/27/16)

Man weiß bei spannenden neuen Bands nie, was daraus wird. Aber es ist immer richtig, genau hinzuhören, wenn etwas Originelles erklingt. So zum Beispiel beim Projekt Hexadiode. Eine Band, welche ihren Output als „Disco For The Discontented“ bezeichnen. Liest sich schräg? Jup, klingt auch so, aber halt richtig gekonnt. Zwei Videos verdeutlichen diese Einschätzung.

Hexadiode Vorstellung

Tim Krug & Jonas Miseh aus Dayton (USA) formierten Hexadiode im Jahre 2014. Für die fabrizierte Musik steht ihre doch recht verlassene Heimatstadt mit ihrem derben Industie-Ambiente Pate. Die Landschaft wirkt ebenfalls nicht viel fröhlicher.

Das klingt nach klassischem Industrial-Feeling und dieser Eindruck ist anfangs nicht falsch, denn Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy und NIN stehen Pate. Doch dabei verbleibt es nicht, Impulse von Bands wie den Liars, Brian Eno und Aphex Twin ergänzen ihren Ansatz und erweitern die möglichen Ausdrucksformen um Unerwartetes.

Hardware-basierte Musik

Das Duo steht für den ausschließlich Hardware-basierten Versuch, moderne Industrial- und EBM-Musik mit fortschrittlicher Denke zu fabrizieren. Ein Weg, welcher so gar nichts mit der doch recht überspielten Preset-Verzerrer-Clubmukke der Gegenwart zu tun hat.

Interessanterweise kommt, wie bei den Clips zu hören, die Melodie und der tief-wuchtige Gesang bei allem Vorwärtsdrang und experimentellen Anspruch nicht zu kurz, man mag ja schließlich auch DM. Ausdruck, coole Hocks und spannende moderne Sounds verleihen dem Mix somit eine ganz eigene Note.

Das erste Album Ibex erschien im Juni 2016 auf dem EK Product Label (Vinyl folgt im September 2016). Klar, dass man sich angesichts der eigenwilligen Musik nicht lange bitten ließ

Derweil zeigen die beiden bisherigen Clips, welche Richtung man einschlägt: Synchrocidal entpuppt sich schnell als kleiner Dampfhammer, der Eindruck hinterlässt.

Soundcheck: Ibex

[U] (07/23/16)

Tim Krug und Jonas Miseh, das sind die Namen der Musiker hinter dem Namen Hexadiode. Die zwei Herren aus den USA, stehen definitiv auf die klassischen Elektrobands wie Front 242, Skinny Puppy und Frontline Assembly. Dies hört man dem Debutalbum „Ibex“ dann auch deutlich an. Hexadiode spielen mit den „alten“ Sound und interpretieren diese gekonnt in einen eigenen Klangkosmos. US Industrial trifft belgischen EBM, gewürzt mit einer Prise Wahnsinn.

Der Klang den uns Hexadiode da verkaufen wollen, ist alles andere als Stromlinienförmig. Mit sehr eigenwilligen Sounds gespickt und überraschenden Elementen, stürmt der Opener „Synchrocidal“ los. Die wahre Leistung des Duo`s besteht darin die Songs dennoch durchaus tanzbar und mit einem hohem Wiedererkennungswert zu versehen. Das gelingt beim Opener alleine schon durch den Refrain. „Breaking it Whole“ z.B. ist um einiges aggressiver und schräger, aber erneut mit einem fantastischen Chorus gesegnet. „Subatomic“ schleppt sich musikalisch, schwerfällig aus den Lautsprechern. Im Kontrast dazu, sind die Shouts in der Nähe von Hip/Hop Shouts anzusiedeln.

„Hexagon Shift“ ist ein verdammtes Rhythmusmonster. „Rive“ könnte auch eine frühe Front 242 Demoversion eines bislang unbekannten Songs sein. Fans von den bereits erwähnten Bands, werden ihre helle Freude an diesem Debut haben. Spontan fällt mir da noch Fektion Fekkler oder Mentallo And The Fixer ein. Hexadiode werden nicht die Szene Charts stürmen und auch nicht für volle Tanzflächen sorgen. Dafür sind die Songs viel zu sperrig. Doch für den „Zuhausehörer“ öffnen sich ungeahnte Soundlandschaften.

Das Debutalbum von Hexadiode ist eines der Alben, welches mich wieder daran erinnert warum ich hier eigentlich für den Soundcheck schreibe. Ohne dies wäre ich vermutlich nie mit dieser Band in Kontakt gekommen und das wäre ein Verlust gewesen.

Hexadiode - Ibex

Damned Industrial (07/06/16)

Every now and again you stumble upon a rare find, a brand new band that has seemingly come out of nowhere and dropped a debut album that is completely awesome. Lets all welcome Hexadiode to the fold. A remarkable find for me, Hexadiode are a US duo based out of Dayton, Ohio, adhering to a philosophy of old-school flavoured electro-industrial rooted in FLA territory with a touch of EBM to boot.

Breaking News: IBEX is a gem. It’s full of rock solid beats, complex and intricate programming and distinctly dark, angry vocals.

Opening the album is “Synchrocidal” and straight away its quite clear that we’re in special territory – the quality of the songwriting here is outstanding, the chorus is huge. “Breaking It Whole” is another quality melodic track, aggressive in tone, the chorus again is epic. “Contamination” is an analogue beast, built to destroy. Fantastic stuff. “Hexon Shift” is a groove machine, mechanical and cold. Another highlight is “Rive”, with its contorting, noisy analogue synths triggering your brain synapses into overload. Closing the album are two remixes, the first being labelmates Protectorate’s version of “Synchrocidal” and the other being Txtbeak’s take on “Breaking It Whole”, both solid. Pro-tip: keep an eye out for Protectorate’s debut album later this year.

This album is essential listening for all self-respecting rivetheads out there. Highly recommended for all Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Nine Inch Nails fans.

Tracks: June 13th, 2016

IDIE:YOUDIE (06/13/16)

Italy’s EKProduct puts out a ton of music from artists spanning the globe, often times hipping us to new acts from our own shores we hadn’t heard of yet. Latest entry in that file is Dayton Ohio’s Hexadiode, a hardware oriented act in the electro-EBM vein. EKP will be releasing their first album this summer (featuring remixes from Cardinal Noire and Textbeak), but the two songs they currently have up on their Soundcloud give a solid impression of their style; pleasingly old school with maybe a bit of Interlace on the vocals? Not bad, not bad, be keeping an ear on this act for certain.